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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Update: Like everything else in this godforsaken world, this is nothing but a crummy commercial. First, here's the tip we received a couple days ago from a "Donald Duck" at

Back in 2010 Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna from HBO's "Girls") tried to launch a rap career. (Remember her musical Kickstarter thing last year? She's been pushing the music game for a long time.)

My friend shot this promo video for her but it went nowhere. They tried to bury it, but I got a hold of it and JUST put it up on Youtube.

Please don't reveal my name. I don't want any attention. I just kind of think it's actually a little good and it would be funny if everyone saw it.

[YouTube link]

But if you're not interested, no worries — I'll contact TMZ! ;-)

We published the video yesterday more or less to spite our siblings at Gawker. Here's an email I received yesterday. Redactions are mine.

Hi Samer,

First of all, love the gif of the girls "dancing"! Makes me chuckle every time...

But more to the point, I'm afraid it's all too good to be true. The "promo rap video" is nothing more than [BULLSHIT] — the former being the "music video" of [SOME BULLSHIT MOVIE] (more on that later) [NO], and the latter being [SOME BULLSHIT], a just released feature length comedy...



Anyhow, the [BULLSHIT] you have up is owned by [BULLSHIT COMPANY], and unfortunately they don't approve of its release.

That said, I convinced them to release a clip of it (see below)...


Would you please remove the [BULLSHIT] and replace it with [BULLSHIT]? You were apparently the only one clever enough to grab it from YouTube before it was taken down, so props for that. [FUCK YOU]

In return, if you're interested, I'd be happy to provide you with [MORE BULLSHIT]. On my end, it would be great if you could hold off on the reveal of the truth until I get you [BULLSHIT]. That is, if you would be so kind as to oblige me...

Love what you guys are doing over at Deadspin. Thanks for all the great articles.



The original post is below.


Kinja isn't compatible with a Funk Flex bomb button, but if we could embed it in this post, we would, and we would press it repeatedly for this Zosia Mamet rap video someone sent to us. Shoshanna Shapiro's a lyrical genius. VERMONT STAND UP.


The emailer said the video's from 2010, before Mamet tried to start her other music career. The track might have been better if Zosia had drawn inspiration from her dad, David, and rapped the whole song in Mamet-speak.

"As the tower came down / As the town turned around / The clown with the frown / Is the one who brought it down," is going to burn up the streets, though.

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