Illustration: Jim Cooke, Photo: Getty

Donald Trump is about to be president, a white nationalist is whispering in his ear, and Jeff “The Ku Klux Klan Is Alright By Me” Sessions will soon be our attorney general. We are entering a golden age for racists in America. And according to my inbox, these assholes know it.

Granted, incoherent bits of white-supremacist and neo-Nazi rage have always peppered my inbox, but ever since Donald Trump won on November 8, their frequency and their fury have reached new bounds. The internet’s many racist keyboard warriors have been validated, and they want to make sure every social justice warrior in the (((MEDIA))) knows it.


So to give you a taste of what the people looking to make America great again are really after, here’s a selection of some nice emails Trump voters have sent me over the past week and a half. They send their very best.

“Abraham Lincoln was the most hated president”

Some of Trump’s best daughters are Jews

“You’r A Real Asshole.”

Wake up, Jews

“I don’t want your corroded, tongue anywhere near my dick, you nasty libtard.”

From someone who knows how to use

From someone who does not know how to use

From a spot-on impressionist

It’s just like The Da Vinci Code

Steven’s Story: An email in several parts

“Drop dead.”

Standup routines that need work

From someone who emailed each of these as an individual attachment from a Cricket Wireless number

“You shitti farty dirty nasty JUDE bitch !”

“You try use God but you have no idea how to bc you don’t know him.”

“Yeah , you. I am highly educated and own a business.”

“Fuck why the hell couldn’t the germans kill your fucking family back in the 40s.”

This one is maybe from Hamilton Nolan

Still not sure where Jesus fits into this

From my new friends on Twitter

Thanks for reading, George