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You Can Quantify How Differently Democrats And Republicans See The Future

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No need to just guess how different our worldview (the smart ones) is from the others (dumb, bad people). There are numbers—awful, awful numbers.

The Wall Street Journal looks at how the Trump election has impacted consumer sentiment surveys, zeroing in on Michigan’s most recent survey, which seems to indicate some differing views on our nation’s future:

Looking back even further is the University of Michigan’s survey of consumer sentiment. Republican expectations are at an index reading of 120 this month. Since 1952 the overall sentiment index has never topped 112. Democrats, by contrast, were at 55.5, a level not seen since the worst of the financial crisis, when the economy was shedding more than 2 million jobs per quarter. Thus, by Michigan’s measure, Republicans are collectively counting on the best economy in post-World War II history, while Democrats expect something as bad as the worst days of the 2008 financial crisis.


No matter who’s right it’s fucking horrible for one reason or another.

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