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World Temporarily Deprived Of President's Death Penalty Takes For Eleven Minutes [Updated]

Via Twitter

For six or so glorious minutes this evening, the president’s personal Twitter account—@RealDonaldTrump—was gone. Whether he temporarily deleted it himself, intentionally or not, or was the subject of some weirdly brief disciplinary action from the platform (he did, after all, tweet about his wish for the New York City truck attack suspect to receive the death penalty earlier today), it was gone. And then it was back. We’ve reached out to Twitter for any more information, if they have it.

Six minutes without the nation’s foremost purveyor of takes on Justin Verlander’s playoff performance and the proper way for football players to arrange their bodies during the national anthem and derisive names for North Korean leaders. What a blessing, however brief.


Update (8:10 p.m. ET): It was 11 minutes, not six—Deadspin regrets the error—and it was “inadvertently deactivated” by “human error.” Hmmm.

Update (10:06 p.m. ET): Inject it into my veins.

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