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Illustration for article titled Woman In Famed Abbey Road Crosswalk Hit By Car, Goes Flying

This popped up yesterday on the always-questionable LiveLeak, but I've got a feeling this is legit. Here is a woman trying to run across the famous Abbey Road crosswalk, in spite of all the danger, who needed help after a car ran her over.

If you were wondering if this live webcam is among those you can creepily view online, yes it is. Don't ask me why somebody uploaded this to LiveLeak, but I think we can all come together and be shocked at what happens in this scene. Perhaps most disturbingly, it looks like the car that strikes this woman tries to drive away, though it did eventually get back to the scene of the crime.


Observers have known for years that drivers nearing the intersection need to slow down. Frankly, what goes on in that crosswalk with Beatles fans is a bit frightening. But this circumstance seems a bit different; the pedestrian is running like she'd stop for no one. The LiveLeak poster seems to imply that she's getting better; we contacted London authorities for details, but we received no reply.

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