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Which Of These Newly Discovered Planets Would You Like To Live On After Fleeing Our Hellish Earth?

Did you hear the good news? NASA found some new Earth-sized exoplanets that aren’t that far away. There might be aliens on them! Or maybe we’ll be able to live on them someday! Either way, there’s no harm in doing some early planning.

Okay, so, which one do you want to live on?

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

I’m partial to F because because it looks like a cooler version of Earth. D looks like it has some Endor vibes so I’m down with that one, and I’m also digging whatever G has going on. Is that a green ocean? I could get used to a green ocean.

H and C can go to hell, in my opinion.

Please tell me which planet you want to live on and why.

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