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Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Flubs "Achilles," Loses Chance At $1M

Dammit, Julian. His opportunity for $1 million was right there, but he couldn't pronounce "Achilles."


The Indiana freshman from Friday's episode of Wheel of Fortune kept spinning after picking up his chance for $1 million, even though the puzzle solution was quite obvious, but hey, that's a solid strategy to get the most money out of each round. But when all the letters were turned over and Julian tried to solve the puzzle, we get "Mythological hero...A Chili's?"

Man, was it quiet in that studio. The harsh buzzer mercifully cut the silence as Pat Sajak broke the news to Julian in nicer terms than, "What the hell, man? A Chili's?"


Then, boom, Shelby comes in with the quickness and takes the round after all of Julian's hard work. Cold world. Sajak explains the technicality as Julian looks ready to slowly walk into the ocean.

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Julian actually made it to the Bonus Puzzle—after messing up another puzzle in which he thought a car could be a person—but didn't solve that either. It just wasn't his night. He was the polar opposite of Emil.

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