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What Are The Most "Overrated" and "Underrated" Movies?

What movies do audiences love, but critics hate? Over on his blog, Ben Moore tackles this question with data scraped from the Rotten Tomatoes API. The chart above shows the critic and audience scores for over 1,200 films; movies that scored high with viewers (and were panned by critics) are in red in the top left, while the "overrated" movies are toward the bottom right.


The most overrated films, based on the difference between audience and critic score, were:

Some of these gaps can be attributed to Rotten Tomatoes's rigid "fresh/rotten" scoring system, but the reviews of "Spy Kids"—93 percent fresh!—really are glowing. I haven't seen it, so tell my why it does or doesn't suck in the comments.

Check out Ben's blog for a breakdown of the most "underrated" movies—which includes a healthy selection of Tyler Perry flicks, take that as you will—as well a very detailed methodology.


[, via FlowingData]

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