US Airways Explains How That Plane-In-A-Vagina Photo Happened

Thanks to the New York Daily News, we finally know why the US Airways Twitter account shared an image of a woman sticking a model airplane into her vagina with its followers. The answer? Whoever was running the account was trying to flag the image as inappropriate and ended up inadvertently including it in a tweet.

From the Daily News:

"It was an honest mistake. It was in an attempt to flag the tweet as inappropriate," said spokesman Matt Miller after the photo was allegedly first posted on their wall by an undisclosed Twitter user.

"We captured it, flagged it as inappropriate," he said. When the airline then went to reply to customers, however, "unfortunately, the image was inadvertently included," said Miller.

So there you go. That's how we got a piece of internet history, which you can look at one more time if you scroll down to our original post, you big pervert.

US Airways Tweets Out Photo Of Model Airplane In Woman's Vagina [NSFW]

The headline pretty much tells the story here, doesn't it? Is this some hijacking (no pun intended) of the US Airways Twitter account by a rogue employee, or simply a fuck-up? (Very Not Safe For Work image below.)

@USAirways actually tweeted the photo out twice, and it's still there as of this writing. The photo was originally tweeted to American Airlines:

So what probably happened is some social media moron at US Airways tried to copy and paste the American Airlines tweet to a friend but instead tweeted it at some frustrated customers.


Update (3:27 p.m.): US Airways responds: