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Trump’s getting blasted for sexist comments, mocked for his shoddy debate skills, and losing any edge he might have had in the polls. Something is definitely wrong—Trump’s three eldest children know that much. They just can’t for the life of them seem to figure out why.

Why does their father keep saying such wildly offensive, off-the-cuff remarks? Why won’t he listen to the advice of his more seasoned advisers? And how come everyone seems to hate him? Because it’s certainly not the kids’ fault, and it’s definitely not their father’s fault.

That leaves only one thing...


Yes, of course. The leadership. After all, blaming the campaign man worked so well last time.


Good luck to Donald Trump and his meddling kids. May the root of your problems be out of all our lives soon.

Update 5:19 p.m.:

Everything is fine.