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As Donald Trump took some time off from the campaign trail to unveil his brand new D.C. hotel, he took a moment to bring his much beloved children on stage at the inaugural press conference, so he could show them off to the world. Tiffany Trump was also in attendance.

Just as in previous debates, the opening saw Tiffany relegated to the ranks of the in-laws, aides, and Newt Gingrich.


She was however, afforded the rare opportunity to stand next to her siblings and cut a ribbon later in the day.


Unfortunately, Tiffany and Melania’s lack of ribbon experience showed, as the more seasoned Trumps had already made a clean cut when they were barely halfway.

Photo Credit: AP

Were Tiffany’s scissors—much like the system—rigged? Will the injustices against Tiffany Trump ever end? Judging by today’s little episode, my guess is that, in fact, they will not.

Tiffany, when you’re ready for your story to be heard, we’ll be here.

Ashley Feinberg used to work here.

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