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In the wake of Donald Trump being caught bragging to the fourth-most famous Bush in America about the practice of grabbing women by their crotches, you have surely seen lists of Republican lawmakers who have finally abandoned their party’s nominee for president. Those lists have presented the newly anti-Trump Republicans as belatedly having come to Jesus, but a new, slickly-presented dossier of Trump deserters has an entirely different goal. is a link that has begun to be passed around the political strata of social media today, filtering up to at least one establishment Republican: Diana Orrock, the National Republican Committeewoman of Nevada. On the “traitors” tab of the website, Traitors To Trump says it is calling out Republican politicians who “have betrayed their party and their country by opposing Donald Trump.” It’s a message that Orrock—who calls the new flip-floppers “GOPe rats” is happy to amplify:


But Traitors To Trump was not created by a Trump loyalist hoping to excise any revolters from a party currently, and tenuously, controlled by an extremist. It was started instead by an amateur Democratic politician who recognizes that a complete meltdown of the Republican party is the Democrats’s best chance of winning not just the White House, but a controlling majority in Congress, too.

His name is Jason Paul, and though he originally tweeted the link to Traitors To Trump from a pseudonymous Twitter account, he didn’t go through too much trouble trying to hide his identity. He registered the website under his own name, and using his home address in Newton, Mass. Via Facebook, Paul—who once ran for a state House seat in Connecticut—said that he is doing his part to deepen resentment within the warring factions of the Republican party.


“I did it because the Republican Civil War is the Democrats best [chance] to Govern,” he wrote in a message. “And because the hypocriscy of these people legitimizing him the first place going back to the Romney Trump endorsement press Conference meant they were never heros on this any of them.”

Whether Traitors To Trump slithers its way into the alt-right web and accomplishes its goal of further pitting conservatives against each other remains to be seen, though it doesn’t seem like either side really needs much encouragement.


Additional reporting by Mike Ballaban