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Townsfolk Embark On Thrilling Mission To Remove Bucket From Bear's Head

For weeks, the people of Perry Township, Penn., had been crossing paths with a black bear that had its head stuck in a plastic bucket. The bear became known as Bucket Bear, and the townspeople's concerns became so great that they made a Facebook page dedicated to saving Bucket Bear from his bucket, something the local game commission was apparently not up to doing. On Monday, Bucket Bear's saga finally came to an end.

The video above starts with one man repeatedly trying to yank the bucket free from Bucket Bear's head, but he fails miserably, because Bucket Bear's head is way the hell in that bucket, and that shit isn't coming off easily. Eventually, reinforcements arrive and Bucket Bear is gang-tackled in the woods. Here is where we must pause to extol the rescuer in the orange shirt, who is a hoss and singlehandedly subdues Bucket Bear while the others go about sawing the bucket off.


After a whole lot of sawing and prying, Bucket Bear is eventually freed. Bucket Bear will likely never fully understand what those brave rescuers did that day, but hopefully it has at least learned to keep its head out of goddamn buckets from now on.

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