Photo credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

As of today, Ivanka Trump has officially become the first Trump scion to receive her very own Secret Service detail. While Trump’s elder sons are more than equipped to hunt their own assassins, one Trump child remains notably protection-less. I am, of course, talking about none other than aspiring songstress Tiffany Trump.

You may remember the daughter of Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples, from her rare appearance this summer at the RNC in which she discussed her profound love for a father who occasionally writes her notes and calls sometimes. Granted, Donald Trump wasn’t exactly around for his other kids growing up either, but at least he’s aware of their existence now—some more than others.

Now, Ivanka’s special status has been cemented. And this after Tiffany and her mother supposedly begged for their own Secret Service detail last April.


Will the slights against Tiffany Trump never end? How much does she hate Ivanka? And can someone please tell me Tiffany’s Snapchat username?

If you have the answers, do let me know. These Tiffany Trump injustices will not stand.