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This Wall Street Journal Comment Section Offers A Rare Peek Into The World Of Whites

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The media often makes reference to White America and its mysterious attitudes. But where can you gain access to this closed group? You must journey deep, deep into the rabbit hole.

Lots of us make assumptions about whites based upon things we hear and see in pop culture, but few of us have ever taken the time to hear directly from whites themselves. We in the media frequently tell you what “those people” think, but the dirty secret is that if you asked how many of us know any whites personally, the silence would be profound.


That’s where the Wall Street Journal comes in. This white-owned newspaper offers a direct line to white voices—and nowhere more so than in the comment section of this op-ed by white columnist Daniel Henninger about what our new white president-elect will offer Black Americans. Henninger notes that Donald Trump’s commitment to black people is so strong that he appointed as one of his cabinet members Rick Perry, a man who once gave a speech “imploring his party to campaign for the black vote... A year later, Donald Trump was asking the same question.”

Henninger clearly possesses the fabled “white man’s understanding” of black issues. But what do the salt-of-the-earth whites that populate the comment section of this story have to say? A rare, unfiltered look into the white psyche—revealing ample wisdom about black people, as well.

The prime difference between white and black Americans is that most white Americans believe that the US is the greatest and best nation in the world for most white Americans and “write off” white trash. America could be the greatest country in the world for most black Americans if most black Americans would stop blaming their problems on most white Americans, learn to cooperate for their mutual benefit, and “write off” black trash.

Speak your truth.

One primary driver of the blacks being mired in their economic status quo is a complete breakdown of the nuclear family. Young black females start dropping babies in adolescence and don’t stop. Young black males must believe it’s an achievement to impregnate as many girls as possible and walk away.

Money and programs aren’t going to fix the problem.

Speak your truth.

I surely hope DT reaches out to blacks and does something that can help the state of inner cities. I have never felt more racial angst in the last 55 years of paying attention to politics and elections. During the riots of the 60s etc, I felt I understood why blacks were angry. Bigotry was prevalent especially in the NE , the so called liberal states. I was in fact not angry about the racial discord then, but felt I understood how angry blacks were. And had every right to be. Now with the race hustlers and the Democrats and the BLMs I am just astounded at the continue cry from blacks we are victims. And the ugly discourse of so many so called black leaders is astounding.


Speak your truth.

The same permanently flawed decision making process (lifestyle) that puts them in the hood, is also used in their voting.

There is no way out.

Successful Black folks work, live and play far, far away from the hood and never go near it.


Speak your truth.

Black culture needs to change before anything good can come to that community. Refusing to marry. rejecting education and racial hatred of whites must come to an end. They are God’s children caught in a culture of rap, drugs and promiscuity which is of there own making.

The Democrats realize this and give them free money which get’s their vote. For Republicans to open the door to prosperity for all there needs to be a cultural change. Shame on the Black Churches for going along with Democrats and fostering low expectations upon millions of God’s children. Shame!


Speak your truth.

Isn’t it time that blacks accepted responsibility for their circumstances. Slavery has been over for 150 years. People need to get off their can and make a life for themselves and quit expecting the government to take care of them. Trump will do his part to encourage the free market to create opportunities for everyone, not just blacks, because white people matter too.


We won’t truly be a democracy until we learn to listen to these white voices. And what beautiful dialect.

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