Earlier today, our Leslie Horn pointed the Deadspin staff to a short post by Vogue writer Lynn Yaeger on what it was like to wear a sweatshirt for the first time in her life. It begins as follows and improves from there:

What is this strange sensation caressing my neck like a soft clean little hand? Not the well-worn cashmere I am used to, or the scratchy Shetland enlisted to withstand this endless winter, or the rayon still faintly redolent of the vintage store. Though I am vaguely embarrassed to admit it, after all these years I am experiencing a bold new sensation: the thick, impermeable stuff know as sweatshirt material.

At one point, Yaeger, in the course of explaining why she'd never worn a sweatshirt, mentions her "admittedly odd flapper-tutu style." I wasn't sure what this meant, so I Googled Yaeger and learned a) that she is a famous and very well-regarded fashion writer and b) that unlike those of us who slouch around in hoodies all day pretending not to give a fuck, she appears to truly not give a fuck. Take a look at these outfits!

I don't know anything at all about fashion, and have no idea if any of this is fashionable or not. So far, though, as style—something different from fashion—is about confidence, strong opinions, total disregard for what anyone thinks, and a conviction that you should do things the way you like to do them, Lynn Yaeger appears to be quite possibly the most stylish person alive.


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