Since last week, our inbox has been receiving a series of emailed receipts for purchases and returns made at the Aeropostale store at Water Tower Place in Chicago. The transactions are on multiple credit and debit cards, so either we are being pranked by one store employee, or by multiple Aeropostale shoppers. Well done, either way.

Here is what you are buying, and what you decided you didn’t really need once you got home:

May 7: Mesh shorts.

May 9: Camisole and jeggings, heavily discounted.

May 9: Two polo shirts.

May 9: A whole bunch of stuff returned, a whole bunch of stuff bought.

May 11: Snow nep stripe(???)

May 11: Jogging shorts.

May 11: Some sort of tanktop probably.

May 12: Denim jacket and a towel.

Chicago, you are going to look great this summer.

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