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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

These Polar Bears Are Really Bad At Macking On Each Other

There are two things I dig about this video. The first is that cool-ass disguised robot camera that could have been an imperial drone on Hoth. The second is how bad these polar bears are at flirting.

At first, the male polar bear is trying to put some moves on the lady polar bear, but the lady polar bear is like "Nah" and retreats to the high ground. The male polar bear is too damn fat to get up the hill, so he's just like, "Fuck it."

After a while, though, lady polar bear decides that maybe she is feeling this dude after all, so she comes down and starts putting the moves on him. But male polar bear is tired, and he's just like, "Nah." Being a polar bear ain't easy.

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