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There Is A Half-Naked Frenchman Living In A Bear, Because Art

Have you ever wanted to stare at a live feed of a Frenchman's taint while he lays inside of a stuffed bear? Well then click this link right here, buddy.

So why is this happening? It is happening because French performance-artist Abraham Poincheval wants to "become one with such an animal," that animal being a bear. To accomplish this goal, Poincheval will be living inside of the bear for the next two weeks. It doesn't seem like he is going to have a very good time:

Living will be a little more complicated for the next two weeks. Poincheval will be dining on dehydrated meals that mimic a bear's diet of seeds, mushrooms, insects, or fish and which are sealed in plastic pouches stored in his host's legs.

Because Poincheval won't be standing up during his stay, he plans to do two hours of exercise daily in the creature, French daily Le Monde reported. Part of his plan is a system of elastic cords that will allow him to keep his body active.

He also has 30 litres of water at his access and a drain by which he can relieve himself. Inside his bear, Poincheval has installed an electric kettle he'll use to heat up his food.


We really admire Poincheval's commitment to understanding the bear, but we're probably going to go ahead and pass on staring at his balls for the next two weeks.

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