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There Are Already Two Rap Songs About Donald Sterling

If you had asked who would first mention racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a rap, smart money would have been on Cassidy. (Lil B wouldn't acknowledge the negativity of the whole situation.)


Cassidy is the dude who once remixed "Gangnam Style" as "Condom Style." The Philly rapper even made a music video for it, admirably promoting safe sex. This dude has nothing but free time. So, of course, he dedicated a few bars on a "Move That Dope" freestyle released today to eviscerate Sterling (starting at 2:41):

The Clippers owner Donald Sterling should get the hell smacked

How the man don't like niggas when most of the Clippers the hell black?

Well if that's the case, then racism ain't over yet

His girlfriend taking pictures with Magic Johnson is what got him so upset?

The people need to boycott 'cause that shit was lame

That's hatred, if you not racist, you should never go to a Clippers game

I take it personal, the commissioner got some work to do

Hopefully the man volunteers to resign and get the fuck outta there

A few hours later, Florida rapper Plies went further by putting out a full track entitled "Donald Sterling: Racist Muthafucka." The beat's excellent.

But who will be the first L.A. rapper to put out a track about Sterling? Snoop Dogg's Instagram video doesn't count.