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The Zoolander 2 Trailer Makes It Look Tolerable, At Least

The bad comedy sequels far outnumber the good, and most of the time it doesn’t work too well when they bring back a decade-plus-old movie. (Case in point: Dumb and Dumber Too.) So I say with caution that based on one trailer, Zoolander 2 looks okay!

From what I can tell, the premise is that Derek Zoolander and Hansel have been called upon to help Interpol because someone is murdering the world’s most beautiful people, and for some reason, all the victims Snapchat their faces in Zoolander’s signature “Blue Steel” pose right before they die. Or something. Here, you get to see a dead Justin Bieber and Benedict Cumberbatch as a gender-ambiguous supermodel; Will Ferrell is back as the evil Mugatu, along with Kristen Wiig playing a new villain, and those two make a good and reliably disconcerting comedy pair, at least. This looks pretty dumb, but no one ever said dumb can’t be funny. It’s just usually not funny twice.


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