Nusret Gökçe owns a chain of Nusr-Et steakhouses, with locations in Turkey and one in Dubai. Because of his unique, tender, sensual preparation of his meat—many examples can be found on his Instagram—he’s recently become something of a meme on the American internet.

Gökçe’s meat-cutting process seems unnecessarily ostentatious, especially his salt sprinkle at the end in which he flexes his bicep as the coarse grains bounce off his arm, but he really makes every movement count. In a city of excess like Dubai, this seems tame.

In a vest and sunglasses, he slaps the cut of meat before slathering it in what looks like a butter-based sauce and bouncing salt off his elbow again:

Meat dominoes are the ultimate sign of luxury:

More meat:

Gökçe cuts a rack of ribs as someone in the background moans, “Ya salaam!” Is this unseen man in awe of the meat prep skills he’s witnessing? Sure, go with that:

Look at this boastful clip in which Gökçe cuts meat with a spoon to show how tender it is:

He appears to have hosted Floyd Mayweather and Mesut Özil:

He loves The Godfather:

I don’t know what to say about this one:

This man is practically horny for meat, and who can blame him?