Atlanta rapper Future and beloved veteran producer Zaytoven just put out a great new mixtape called Beast Mode. It includes a song called "Peacoat," which is about both high fashion and watersports, because hip-hop wordplay is alive and well!

If you don't listen for the line, you might miss it, as the hook starts out with some pretty normal stuff, lulling you into thinking that Future is being very literal:

Peacoat, Burberry, fo's, aw man
Peacoat, Burberry, and it's Hermes
I spent a check on that pussy
I spent a check on that pussy
I spent a check on that pussy
I spent a check on that pussy
Peacoat, Burberry, Fendi, aw man
Prada, Bally, Bally, aw, ooh, Hermes

Future Hendrix admittedly has good taste. The song continues in this vein through the first verse, talking about expensive liquor and women and so forth, until he casually slips in the following:

Valet the car on that water, water
I fuck her now she got water, water
[Unintelligible mumbling]
Pull out my dick and I pee on her


"Pull out my dick and I pee on her?" Did I just hear that right? Yeah, you heard it right, lady. At least I hope this act was consensual. (Important note: The woman in question here is almost definitely not his ex-wife, Ciara.) The song's called "Peacoat" because of fashion. It's also called "Peacoat" because of pee.