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The 32 Most Memorable Quotes From Avatar

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Yesterday, director and planet-eater James Cameron announced his intentions to make not one, not two, but FOUR sequels to 2009's Avatar, the second-highest-grossing film of all time. In the wake of that announcement, there was a fake quote passed around, with Cameron stating that one of the reasons for the sequelkakke was because he got pissed at this old tweet from Mental Floss staff writer Dana Schwartz:

Cameron’s reaction is a gag, but the sting of that tweet is all too real. I take issue with Dana. Here now are 32 quotes from Cameron’s opus that I can recite from memory:

* “Not the tree!”

* “When we touch hair, that is our pussy-eating.”

* [Jake riding around on big flying dinosaur thing] “THIS IS RAD!”

* “All I cared about was rad stuff … until I met you.”


* “I got a big gun, and that gun has an even bigger gun on top of it.”

* “The Na’Vi know nothing of Christmas!”

* “I thought what we were doing was good. But now I think it is bad.”

* “Shut up! We’re taking all the phlergonium, and no one will stop us!”

* “Where’s Wallace? WHERE’S WALLACE?!”

* “But these are a race of peaceful herders!”

* “I shoulda just kept my ass in Des Moines.”

* “The butterflies will show us the way.”

* “I had to cross a galaxy just to find love.”

* “My God … Pandora … It’s WARMING.”

* “The spirits of our ancestors call to us.”

* “I’m a space marine, damn it!”

* “Now that I have seen the horrors of space mining, I’m not just blue on the outside.”


* “Your ‘shampooing’ … that is how we make babies”

* “They call it unobtanium because it’s very hard to obtain.”


* “Curse this … this … this wretched AVATAR of mine!”

* “Shhhh … listen to the trees, and they shall grant you wisdom.”

* “I don’t care about the environment, I just care how much money we can make off it! MWAHAHAHA!”

* “You gotta look at this, Pete. The Na’Vi zygote is sporing at a rate I’ve never seen it spore before.”


* “This means HAPPINESS in our language.”

* “When I spoke to you about the company you keep, I never expected that company to be PillageCorp!”


* [Big hand reaches out in 3D at you.]

* “Did someone call for backup? Well, I got your back! Pew pew pew!”

* “You talk real tough for a guy with no legs.”

* “This is the cycle of life on our planet. And it will cycle again. It will … RE-cycle.”

Drew Magary is a Deadspin columnist and columnist for GEN magazine. You can buy Drew's second novel, The Hike, through here.

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