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That Man From HBO's The Night Of Is Also A Rapper

Image credit: YouTube

Riz Ahmed, best known for playing a college student named Nasir Khan in the The Night Of and Jake Gyllenhaal’s tragic peon in Nightcrawler, has rapped for over a decade under the name Riz MC. Did you know that? Neither did our staff.

Here’s a rap entitled “Sour Times” wherein Riz MC (who is from the U.K.) discusses his faith and how it’s become mistakenly equated with violence.

Here’s “Hundreds+Thousands,” which is most notable for its goofy-ass video.

More recently he teamed up with rapper Heems, formerly of Das Racist, to form a group called Swet Shop Boys. The title and opening sample from their song “Benny Lava” come from this classic slice of mid-2000s viral content.

What are your thoughts? Don’t quit your Night jobs, Riz.


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