It’s possible you have a recurring dream; one that crops up every few weeks (or days!) and you can’t seem to shake. Maybe you have a few of them! Lots of people have anxiety dreams that haunt them: Your teeth are falling out. Your house is falling apart. You have to take an exam for a class you forgot you had. The next day you wonder what the hell was going on in your brain when you were asleep.

I have a few dreams that crop up with regularity. In one, I go out into the world and and realize I’m still wearing my retainer and have to discreetly take it out and put it somewhere safe. In my dream, I always realize I’m wearing it mid-conversation, hope no one has noticed, then quietly stress over what to do. The other dreams I have involve my high school dance team. I’ve either shown up to the stadium for a halftime performance and I can’t remember the dance, or I show up to practice and I’m not wearing the right color leotard. The latter is easy evidence of the emotional trauma I sustained at the hands of the strict drill sergeant of a dance coach that ran the squad. Everyone in the school was afraid of Mrs. Wheat, including me. She often has a starring role in these nighttime vignettes. My sister, who was on the same team years before me, has similar dreams!

What is your most frequently recurring dream? Tell us about it. The weirder and more embarrassing the better. Spill below.