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Songs From The Last Waltz, Ranked

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We're talking the film here, not the soundtrack or box set or whatnot. No poems, because the poems sucked. Thank you in advance for completely agreeing with this.

21. "Dry Your Eyes" [With Neil Diamond]

20. "Don't Do It"

19. "Stage Fright"

18. "The Shape I'm In"

17. "Up on Cripple Creek"

16. "Such a Night" [With Dr. John]

15. "Mystery Train" [With Paul Butterfield]

14. "Further Up the Road" [With Eric Clapton]

13. "I Shall Be Released" [With everybody]

12. "Evangeline" [With Emmylou Harris]

11. "Who Do You Love" [With Ronnie Hawkins]

10. "Ophelia"

9. "Forever Young" / "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down" [With Bob Dylan]

8. "Mannish Boy" [With Muddy Waters]

7. "Coyote" [With Joni Mitchell]

6. "Caravan" [With Van Morrison]

5. "The Genetic Method/Chest Fever"

4. "Helpless" [With Neil Young and Joni Mitchell]

3. "The Weight" [With The Staple Singers]

2. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

1. "It Makes No Difference"

UPDATE: Charles Pierce over at Esquire has offered his own ranking, alongside a few complaints about ours; we'll agree to disagree about "It Makes No Difference" and agree to agree on Robbie Robertson.


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