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Smash Mouth Singer Flips Shit; Band Just Wants To Play "All Star"

Remember how when the Titanic sunk, the band kept playing on the deck so the passengers wouldn’t completely lose it as the ship went down? This video is sort of like that. In it, you see Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell flip his shit as the crowd hassles him and pelts him with crumbs of bread. But the band, which otherwise consists of true professionals, played on, blowing through the intro to their 1999 hit “All Star” as their lead singer launched into the crowd.


“You little pussy bitches,” he yelled at his tormenters during a daytime show in Ft. Collins, Colo. (It was a family-friendly affair, apparently.) “You’re a bunch of pussy bitches,” he added, his signature frosted tips noticeably absent. His bandmates, on the other hand—whose names you probably couldn’t call up from memory if I paid you—just wanted to get through one of their five hits. No, not the two that are covers, and not the cover that appeared in Shrek—the main one. Can you blame them? As for Harwell, perhaps he is on the paleo diet, and is particularly sensitive to carbs and bread. Heckling is not cool, but my dude needs to find some chill, even in the most dire of times.

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