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Ride Along With A Happy Dog As He Races To The Sea

Walter is a good dog, and because someone strapped a camera to Walter's back, now you can see what Walter sees as he sprints pell-mell through gardens and hedges and shrubbery and sand before diving nose-first into the clean waters of the Ionian Sea.


Have you ever even been close to pure, single-minded joy? Now you have. There is so clearly nothing in Walter's unleashed thoughts but the exaltation of water gotta get to the water can't stop gotta run gotta run fast gonna jump in the water wanna be in the water gotta run gotta be in the water cool water fresh water feel good gotta get to the water and then Walter takes that last leap and everything goes silent for a moment and you, watching this while sitting in your office waiting for quitting time or at home surrounded by the same four walls as always, hating or stressing or even just experiencing ambivalence over your station in life, you realize that just for one brief and unrecapturable second before gravity took back over, somewhere on this planet someone—a yellow Lab, as things shook out—found peace for a moment.

Walter's got it figured out. Be more like Walter.

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