Last night, we discovered that typing the word “butt” into iOS 10's new, baked-in GIF search leads you to a certain My Little Pony in a fairly compromised position. Apple’s already corrected that particular oversight, but they’re not done yet—because the new Messages app is also hiding actual, very easy-to-find hardcore porn.

Type in the word “huge,” for instance, and you’ll find an unpixelated version of this:


As we explained last night, Apple seems to be using search (in this case powered by Bing) to pull GIFs from a number of different sources. Its only censorship method thus far seems to be blocking potentially problematic words like “boobs” and “penis” and—as of this morning—“butt.” And there’s no reason for Apple to think that the word “huge” would bring up anything more than, say, a particularly large pillow or strawberry, except for the fact that of course it fucking would.

Now, it’s kind of understandable that a cartoon pony might slip through, but this is about as blatant as it gets. Apple is a massive tech company! You would think that, somewhere, in all their many departments, at least one person would be able to come up with an algorithm that knows when a dick is being sucked.

Because now, anytime anyone opens up their app to search “huge,” they will find the gif below.


Are you ready?

Like ... really ready?

If you don’t want to see porn, close the page right now.

Because you’re about to see porn.

Alright, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here it is.


Apple: It just works.

Update 1:04 p.m.:

Apple has now blocked the word “huge.”