If you're like me, you didn't immediately get Rae Sremmurd, because you have a 401k and your hangovers are starting to get worse and you're beginning to feel the oppressiveness of your own mortality. But the pop-rap duo is great and fun—likely created by producer Mike Will Made It in a chemistry-lab-like setting, the Brothers Srem are the living embodiment of Adderall, created to get you going (or keep you going) in a way that is almost definitely chemical.

It is difficult not to listen to these Mississippi-born boys without wanting to hopscotch through the train on your commute home; I'm speaking from personal experience. You can't hear the shaking bounce of "Come Get Her" without wanting to move. You can't put on "No Type" without standing up and doing a pledge of allegiance to the song itself. Do I hear a harpsichord in there? I dunno, but fine with me.

It's not just about their songs, though—it's also their very personalities, which are like if emojis came to life and crushed 18 Red Bulls and learned to dance and skateboard. This kind of essence is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. If you took a dose of Rae Sremmurd as a pill, you would immediately start tweaking out, and maybe hit a perfect Nae Nae.

For example:



Per my previous point:



From a third-party perspective:


Elsewhere, consider their sartorial choices:



To drive home all previous points, here's a recent Rae Sremmurd appearance, ski goggles and all, on ESPN: