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Savvy urbanites know that the best place to find wisdom online is, message board of choice for rich New York parents and those who wish they were. Today: real talk about race—and your kids.

Would you feel comfortable sending your [child] to a high school where he or she is a minority of one (meaning, the only [insert race/ethnicity] in the school?” asked a concerned citizen on UrbanBaby yesterday. I’ll tell you what I would be interested in, dear reader: hearing highlights of what the anonymous Urban Babies have to say, on this particular topic!


“White kid in primarily Asian school - ok. Black kid in white school - ok. Asian kid in white school - ok. White kid in black school - no way.”

“Yea- no Asian gangs”

“Asians are the most peaceful people.”

“I have to tell you, Asian kids do not necessarily like white kids as much as you may think they do. They will probably not beat them up but they will be mean and exclude them.”


“I went to a VERY white high school. There were 2 black people in the entire school (1400 students). They were a brother and sister. I was really friendly with the girl. We were dance partners in Dance Performance for all 4 years of high school. She and her brother were really popular in our sugar white high school. They were just nice, polite kids.”

“We looked at schools like that and I decided I would not be comfortable, especially is there was a meaningful socio-ecnomic difference. Ask yoursefl, are you comfortable with your child hanging out with and in his/her classmates’ homes and neighborhoods.”

“[Original Poster]: Assume the school itself is in a good neighborhood and is reasonably safe.

“Ask yourself if this ‘comfortable’ is just a softer, mealy-mouthed version of racism? At least back in the 50s y’all were brave enough to say n——r to our face. Now you just feel uncomfortable. Got it.”

“Not at all. I am very comfortable with all races as long as they are at my education and behavior level.”

“Depends, only black kid he will be treated well but like an oddity and it will be perceived to be cool to be his friend. If he’s the only white kid he’ll get the shit kicked out of him on a daily basis. Not that he is a perfect example, but listen to Howard Stern talk about being one of the only white kids in his Long Island high school, it scared him for life.”

“I would not. I am fan of diversity”