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President Of The United States: Call The Cops On Troubled Kids More

Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty

This fucking deadbeat. This chickenshit moral dwarf. This cheap-shit dime-store fucking fraud.


Imagine a just world. Imagine one whose craven, cowardly, derelict, bloodthirsty adults did not passively or actively choose or opt into the continued slaughter of children after Newtown, after Columbine. Over there 17 kids went home yesterday afternoon and did their fucking homework and ate dinner and skulked around on social media and did not die afraid and in pain and separated from their families on the floor of their fucking school. Over there whoever those adults chose to lead their society instead of the petty, vicious, empty, worthless ghoul we’ve got running ours has more to say in the face of the death of children than here’s what they should have done differently, and does not have to say it. Over there Donald Trump pushes a fucking broom; it’s more than he can handle, but at least it keeps him busy.

We don’t live there. The adults chose this place instead, this hell, this machine that runs on children’s bodies, and this fucking idiot maniac to steer it. And thanks to us, those kids don’t get to live anywhere.

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