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The other Sunday at brunch with friends, I caught myself doing something revolting: I was absentmindedly picking at the dry skin on my heels. In public. At brunch.

I was, and still am, embarrassed and ashamed, but also, I kinda can't stop? Which got me to thinking about the potpourri of satisfyingly gross personal habits in which we engage. Nose-picking? Disgusting, but a good nose-picking feels just grand. The same can be said of popping a giant zit, or digging out a blackhead, or peeling a scab from your skin in one go.


But which of these gross acts is the most satisfying? Well, you tell us. Take our poll. Argue your side in the comments. Tell us what satisfyingly gross habits we left off our list, probably because we never even fathomed you could be so gross.

Image by Tara Jacoby.

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