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Policeman Provokes Groundhog To Walk Into Road So He Can Shoot It Twice

Image: Facebook

The next time someone tells you Blue Lives Matter is a misguided, stupid slogan, show them this.

A Carroll County sheriff’s deputy was handling a 10-91V in Eldersburg, Maryland, when the suspect (a groundhog) became hostile (went from the side of the road to the middle of it). As everyone in the halted traffic watched with bated breath, the cop took action. The sheriff’s office told 11 News the deputy assessed that the animal was “sick or injured” and killed the animal “for the public’s safety.”


Indeed, a groundhog that’s out during the day and not afraid of a nearby, stomping human might be rabid. It still feels like literal overkill for this guy to get into a crouch and plug the critter twice. Carroll County has an animal control unit, you know! (The original video isn’t embeddable, but can be found here.)

Thank you to our brave policemen in the line of fire. Please send this post to Curt Schilling so he can signal-boost it at 10 p.m. amid his Breitbart articles.

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