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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sunday morning. Minnesota. People woke up to a strange sight: two white-tail bucks, their antlers hopelessly locked after a fight, one of them already dead with a broken neck. The other one was sure to be too, if he couldn't be freed—a coyote was circling the scene. So they called the cops, who immediately formulated a plan: break out the power tools and non-lethal weaponry. It is the plan of an eight-year-old boy's fantasies, and it worked perfectly.

South Lake Minnetonka police were called, and Officer Ricky Syhre suggested using a Taser on the deer.

"We didn't want the deer to get any more injured than what it was," Syhre said. "Residents, we didn't want them to get injured trying to get them involved with it too."

So Syhre's partner, Officer John Wareham, used his Taser on an animal for the first time in his career.

That's when Pantekoek, using his battery-powered saw, ran up to the living deer and began sawing off its antler.


The whole rescue was captured on video, including the freed-but-stunned deer regaining its hooves and scampering away. Stupid deer.

[CBS Minnesota]

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