A Georgia woman, 35-year-old Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, was arrested and charged on Monday after her AA sponsor went to police and told them about a sex party that Lehnardt had allegedly hosted for a group of teens that included her 16-year-old daughter. According to the incident report, festivities at this party allegedly included naked games of Twister, Lehnardt pleasuring herself with sex toys in front of the teens, Lehnardt showing the teens naked pictures of herself, and Lehnardt sexing multiple teens—including her daughter's boyfriend.

From WAGT:

According to the incident report, while discussing her plans for sobriety, Lehnardt began to tell the story of the incident that caused her to lose custody of her five children. She says that one night her children were with their father when she got a text message from her sixteen-year-old daughter asking if she and some friends could come over "to party". Lehnardt says she agreed to let the group come over and allowed them to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana in her home.

She went on to say that she and the group played "naked Twister" in the living room and then she went to have sex with an eighteen-year-old in the bathroom while the rest continued to play the game. Lehnardt says that she pleased herself sexually in front of the group in the living room before everyone got into the hot tub, where "the party continued".


And then things got really weird! According to the story Lehnardt's sponsor related to police, Lehnardt was awoken at 3:30 a.m. by her daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend, whom she then had sex with. Lehnardt has been charged with at least two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.