Since the collected staff of Deadspin is just about ready to split into teams and murder each other over the color of a dress in a photo from Twitter, let's crack open Photoshop and see what it has to say about this stupid dress.

Anyway, here is the photo of the dress I used:

Nothing overly fancy here; I took the eyedropper tool to a few different sections of the dress and then used the RGB information to make an image using just that color. I'll post the screenshots first, and then the colors that Photoshop says are in them. For reference, black is represented as 255 255 255 (red, green, blue values maxed) and white is 0 0 0.

1. Middle "brown" portion

This is the "brown" stripe in the middle of the dress:


And here's the color from that (101, 79, 65):

2. Middle "white" portion


Here's the color (125 138 191), which has a good deal more blue than the other colors:

3. Top "white" portion


And here's the color for the upper white portion, which is a little lighter blue (137 150 194):

4. Top "brown" portion, shadow and no shadow


Here's the shadowed, left portion of that (98 79 49):

And here's the lighter right-hand side (127 109 73):


So, there you go. Pretty much everyone is wrong, which seems about right and is just about the only satisfying way this could have played out.