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Illustration for article titled Old-Ass, Fat-Ass Bear Roams Around Canadian Neighborhood

The residents of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, have spent the last few days hosting a very old, very fat, and very chill bear.


Get a load of this damn bear:


According to local conservation officers, the bear weighs about 500 lbs. and isn't a threat to anybody. "He's just fat, and he's lazy, and he was resting," one told Global News in Canada.

The good news for this chill-ass, fat bear is that nobody is in a big rush to put him down, on account of him being incredibly fat and old and non-threatening. Officers hatched a plan that involved luring the bear into a tree so that they could tranquilize and then transport it back to the wild. The plan didn't work, though, because the bear is too fat to climb a tree :(

At one point, officers attempted to goad the bear into climbing a tree so they could tranquillize it.

That proved futile.

"He's so obese, he can't even climb a tree," said [conservation officer Jack] Trudgian.

"We don't want to tranquillize the bear on the ground, we'd prefer to get him in the tree, but he's so fat."

Eventually, the bear found a thick clump of blackberry bushes to fall asleep in.

This bear owns.

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[Global News]

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