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Oh Yeah, This Is The Good Stuff

Photos via Getty/ AP
Photos via Getty/ AP

You want some fuckin class war? This is the shit, right here.

Billionaire? Check. Rich degenerate Hollywood actor? Check. Wine collecting? Check. Wall Street Journal? Check. Competitive conspicuous consumption? Check.

From a Wall Street Journal wine columnist’s investigation of whether Johnny Depp’s reported $30,000 dollar per month wine budget is “really so big”:

Brad Goldstein, a spokesman for Bill Koch, the billionaire commodities investor and wine collector, was decidedly underwhelmed by Mr. Depp’s expenditures. “Bill Koch sold a case of 1945 Mouton Rothschild at auction last year for $400,000,” he said. If Mr. Depp’s agents were “trying to show excess, they’re in the wrong place,” added Mr. Goldstein, noting it costs a lot more than $30,000 a month to “seriously” invest in first-growth Bordeaux.


Mmm. Yeah. Fuck yeah. Smells like pitchforks. That’s the stuff.

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