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Nude Woman Beats Fans With A Whip After Wrestlemania In New Orleans

Nudity, S & M and tourists chanting on Bourbon Street are far from newsworthy events in New Orleans. But when they're part of the festivities following Wrestlemania 30, it all becomes a bit more fun (?).

Watch and listen as some bearded dude gets whipped by a naked lady while fans cheer them on with Daniel Bryan and ECW chants. Wrestling is fake, but here's something very real. From tipster Graham, who witnessed the event:

I was "partying-it up" on Bourbon Street after WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans a few weeks back, when I witnessed hundreds of wrestling fans gathering around a NAKED woman with a whip GETTING PAID to WHIP people in the streets! People cheered loudly, and chanted their favorite wrestling chants in amusement of this public humiliation/brutality; and from an eye witness, the whips she had were legit!

The best part of the video is, at the end, several NOLA Police Officers on horses stroll on by, showing no signs of disapproval whatsoever. .... & If you paid her enough, you could whip her!

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