This is a 33-pound cat named Sprinkles. She’s fat as hell. Do you think you could pick her up? Doubt it.

The old ladies who discovered this flabby tabby couldn’t do it, anyway. As Mary Devery, a volunteer with the S.O.S. Sea Isle City Cats Inc., told the Daily News,

“We’re all old ladies here. We couldn’t lift her.”

I guess what you do when you can’t move an obese animal (and you don’t have access to a wheelbarrow or a conveyor-and-pulley system0 is you call your 23-year-old son. (Lift with your legs, not your back, kid.) Somehow, he managed to get the cat to the shelter, where she is “walking ‘round,” “friendly to everyone,” and “because of her girth, unable to climb the stairs.” Sprinkles better lose some weight if she ever wants to leave again, lest all the twentysomethings go out of town or something and leave her permanently stranded. [New York Daily News]

Images via Michael Ein/AP