I'm going to be honest, you aren't going to get a very long look at at the naked-ass cowboy in the video above, but I think your experience will be better for it. It's like a Bigfoot sighting: One second you're looking at nothing but a snowy Detroit highway, and in the next you're getting a brief glimpse at a naked-ass cowboy calmly striding by. Afterward, you are left with so many questions.

According to cops who were at the scene, this man's motivations remain a mystery:

"It appears that he ran off the roadway and into the ditch," he said. "The report was the man was stripping off his clothes so I would assume (the police) found his clothes nearby."

Responding officers were able to get the man into a patrol car without incident, Miarka said.


"We really don't know...why he did what he did. He never told us why he did this," Miarka said. "We obviously wanted to get him medical treatment."

Who are you, naked-ass cowboy? What are you?

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