Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Yes, our dingus mingus of a President said something dumb and wrong, and once again he is being owned online for it. This time, in an effort to protect his image from the indignity of, umm, not being on the cover of one specific issue of one specific magazine, he made some shit up about “actually, I dumped them”:

This version of events was quickly refuted by Time Magazine, but, honestly, who gives a shit. No one who is sane can look at that petty, face-saving comment—true or not—from the fucking PRESIDENT and not feel like maybe our planet being drop-kicked into a supermassive black hole wouldn’t be such an unfortunate turn of events.

Anyway, here are the owns, from athletes and actors and college professors and a wolf pretending to be a man. Enjoy:

Nice job, President Asshole.