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Missy Elliott's Rad New Song "WTF" Is All The Caffeine You Need This Morning

Missy Elliott’s thrilling and frustrating slow-motion comeback continues apace. This year she’s popped up intermittently on the arms of Janet Jackson, the Skrillex/Diplo confluence unwisely known as Jack Ü, and Katy Perry via her Super Bowl extravaganza, where Missy upstaged everyone except maybe Left Shark. But a new album is long long long long long overdue—the world is 1,000 times more interesting when she’s atop it, or maybe even straddling it—and this song is a Very Good Sign. It’s great! It will emphatically remind you of both “Work It” and Kelis’ “Milkshake”! Pharrell is involved, naturally, and he boasts that “lyrically, I’m Optimus Prime,” which is categorically false—he’s more of a Bumblebee, or maybe a Jazz—but what can you do. The video will give you a headache in the best possible way, as always. I just listened to it five times in a row, and am now considering playing it in five different tabs simultaneously. Let’s make this thing a big, fat hit and get this goddamn show on the road already.


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