Scaachi Koul is a BuzzFeed Canada writer, and her pieces are mostly about race and gender. Beyond the garden variety garbage men bombard every woman on the internet with, Koul’s occupation and beat means she is subject to especially vile tweets, emails, and Facebook messages.

Tonight she decided to do something a little different, and when the GamerGaters and Men’s Rights Activists tweeted at her, she replied by quoting lines from Good Will Hunting. The result is an fantastic bit of Twitter theater, where toxic man-babies have no idea that they are being fucked with, and think they are winning nonsensical arguments that don’t actually exist anywhere except inside of their heads.

It is incredible how long this goes on for without this doofus ever realizing what’s going on. Congratulations, you played yourself. It goes on for so long that Koul finishes the iconic “It’s not your fault” speech and moves onto other Good Will Hunting scenes. She also got two other chaps, and all of your favorite lines are there. How do you like them apples?; Son of a bitch. He stole my line.; and of course My wife used to fart in her sleep.


And finally ...

That’s the good stuff.

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