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Matt Drudge Idiotically Suggests Hurricane Matthew Warnings Are Government Conspiracy

Photo credit: NOAA/Getty
Photo credit: NOAA/Getty

As weather experts and emergency-management officials plead with those in the path of Hurricane Matthew to evacuate before it hits Florida, warning of “potentially diastrous impact” including massive storm surges, not only are idiots like Vanilla Ice refusing to listen, but others are encouraging them, with sentient fedora Matt Drudge even suggesting a government conspiracy:

The National Hurricane Center has listed Matthew’s maximum sustained wind speed at 140 mph so far, enough to cause catastrophic damage, if not to destroy Nassau from 25 miles away:

Some 136 people were killed in Haiti, local officials said, and thousands were displaced after the storm flattened homes, uprooted trees and inundated neighborhoods earlier in the week. Four people were killed in the Dominican Republic, which neighbors Haiti.

As the storm passed about 25 miles (40 km) from the Bahamas capital of Nassau, howling gusts of wind brought down palms and other trees and flipped shingles off the rooftops of many houses. Bahamas Power and Light disconnected much of Nassau as Matthew bore down on the town.

No structural damage was immediately visible, a Reuters witness said, and rain was fairly light.


Don’t listen to Matt Drudge.

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