Sometimes a man wins The Showcase on The Price Is Right and politely shakes hands with his opponent and the host, hugs his family, and scoots over to get a closer look at the prizes he just earned. Sometimes a man wins both Showcases and belly flops on a car. Meet Scott, he's a belly flopper.

Scott bid $24,200 for his set of prizes and came within $244 of the correct price. For this, he won both Showcases because Old Man Carl was not nearly as accurate and any guess within $250 or less of the actual price entitles you to both.

Drew Carey had to take a minute to process it all before informing Scott of his feat and then Scott was gone. After a perfunctory handshake with Carey, he blew right past Carl and went a little nutso. He ran around bewildered, flopped on the car, hugged the male model, and just giggled a whole lot. Scott also did something incredibly disconcerting with his eyebrows.


We really enjoyed Scott's reaction, but special attention needs to be paid to poor Carl eating dust and the male model beelining to Scott for a hug. Good times, all around. Thanks for everything, Scott, Carl, and Model Guy.