Mike Boyer waited 20 hours in line to legally buy marijuana in Spokane, Washington. Boyer wanted to be part of the historic day and made up his mind to be the first man in. His determination and will to succeed earned him some prime shit—"20.4 percent certified...that's pretty high."—but it also got him fired from two companies he worked for. He's handling it pretty well, though.

Boyer, who made news earlier in the week for being the first man in Spokane to legally buy weed, told CNBC that after he was seen smoking on the news (in a different tie-dye T-shirt), customers called his temp agency to complain. He was then called in for a urine test. He refused the test and was fired. After the story became a sensation, the temp agency said they fired him because they thought he was high while working, but also claim to have seen him getting high on television in what appears to be his backyard. So, unless he works for a temp company that staffs landscaping jobs, they're probably backpedalling.


It turns out, Mike had taken time off from both jobs so he could go and make history. The temp agency eventually offered him his job back (the other said he was never fired), but Mike isn't so sure now. He's going to take the weekend, mull his options, and if he can't find anything better, he'll go back to work Monday.

If there's a better example of the disconnect in the weed debate than Chilled-Out Mike Boyer In His Tie-Dye Shirt Not Giving One Shit About Anything talking about his new career options with a bunch of CNBC suits yukking it up about Seinfeld and fiduciary duties, we haven't seen it.

"I don't smoke at work!" Boyer told the News of his patch of rough luck. But, he added, "I regret nothing."