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Let's Talk About All The Amazing Little Details In Get Out

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Image via Universal

I saw Get Out yesterday afternoon, and then I spent the next eight hours or so thinking and talking about Get Out. The only review of the movie I will offer is this: Go see this goddamn movie as soon as possible, whether or not you like horror flicks. I don’t really want to spend any time reviewing the movie because all I want to do is talk about Get Out with other people who have seen Get Out. So let’s do that!

Obviously, there are lots and lots of SPOILERS to follow, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen the movie.

Again, lots of SPOILERS to follow.

Big time SPOILERS!

Stop reading now unless you want SPOILERS in your face!!!!

Okay, so, holy shit! That movie! I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie that was so meticulously constructed. Every scene and every little detail was there for a reason, and they all paid off brilliantly at the end. I spent hours yesterday replaying the movie in my head (and rehashing it with Gizmodo Special Projects editor Tom Scocca), trying to catch all those meaningful moments. So far, these are my favorite touches from the movie:

  • Chris remembers the psychopath brother’s speech about jiu jitsu and being three or four moves ahead. When they are wrestling in the foyer, the brother keeps kicking the door closed when Chris reaches to open it. When Chris reaches for the door the fourth time, he’s ready to stab the brother in the leg with the letter opener as soon as he kicks the door.
  • All the “these old white people don’t know how to talk to a black guy” scenes at the party are actually moments in which the old whites are appraising the merchandise—remember how the ex-golfer wants to see Chris’s form, and how the old lady was being gross about his sexual potency? And Rose looks so upset at them not because they are being racist, but because they are being too obvious.
  • The grandpa sprints around like a maniac at night because he never got over Jesse Owens beating him in the Olympic qualifiers.
  • The mom actually starts the hypnosis process when they are having iced tea on the patio. She brings up Chris’s mom, the camera focuses on her rattling the spoon around in the glass of iced tea, and Chris kind of flinches at it.

Those are my favorite details, but there are many more. Please share whatever you noticed in the comments, and please just spend all day talking to me about this movie.

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